Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (2024)

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Here is a look at the free stuff your friends and neighbors are giving away during this long holiday weekend. What are you waiting for?

Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (1)

Linda Hersey, Patch StaffUpdated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (2)


Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (3)

Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (4)

Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (5)

The best yard sale deals are free. That's right! Resourceful folks can browse Craigslist postings to see what people are giving away in Clearwater and neighboring communities.

It's just like a treasure hunt, and there are plenty of items, from free dried chili peppers to a free dresser mirror.

Scroll back a few days; some of these items may be available.

Find out what's happening in Clearwaterwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Patch will update these listings through Monday, May 27.

Monday, May 27

Find out what's happening in Clearwaterwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

two dressers (1006 1st ave nw largo) pic

CRT TV (Feather Sound) picmap

Concreat blocks (Pinellas Park) pic

Free Leather Couch (Palm Harbor) picmap

Free Queen Mattress and Box Spring (Palm Harbor) picmap

Need enfamil coupons!! (Clearwater/largo/dunedin)

Braun Coffee Bean Grinder (Gulfport) pic

FREE Desk (Saint Petersburg) pic

Free Couch (Safety Harbor) map

Interior doors [3] (Palm Harbor) map

free piano (clearwater) map


nice headboards, Q & K (Belleair) map

Curb Alert !!! Free Furniture (St. Petersburg 33710) pic

Free couch w/ full size pull out bed (between gandy & howard franklin bridge) pic


Fill Dirt (US 19 & SR 590) map

Free Gas grill seminole NEED ADDRESS PLEASE (Seminole)

Free Gas Grill (Seminole) pic

Garage sale left overs

CURB ALERT! Free cypress (Dunedin, FL) picmap

Couch and Love Seat - Curb Alert (Seminole) pic

CURB ALERT (9846 82nd Street Largo)

yard sale leftovers (38th st and 43rd ave )


free wood lattice (38th st & 43rd ave n)

free! glass shelving (saint pete)

Curb Alert! Free Fire Wood! (saint pete)

Free Large Green Sofa & ? Stand (Delivery Available) (St.Petersburg) pic

Misc house garden items (Alley 11th ave ne) map

Dresser, headboard, night tables, washer. (Saint Petersburg)

MUST TAKE EVERYTHING (Sunset point and N Highland Ave) pic

free treadmill (near allendale)

Free Moving/Storage Boxes, Packing Supplies (6th Ave N & 48 St, St Pete) map

***Curb Alert**** (1121 South Duncan Ave Clearwater ) pic


FREE Two (2) Swivel Chairs (Gulfport, FL) picmap


Hot Tube (Dunedin) pic

Curb Alert (St Pete) map

Moving boxes (approx 50 various sizes) and wrapping paper (Palm Harbor) map

Sat May 25

Free National Geographic 90's- Present (37th Ave N and 13th street North Saint Petersburg FL 33704) pic

Free Canary Palm Tree (Clearwater) map

FREE - Desk Chair (Palm Harbor) map

pre-formed concrete pads (north St. Pete) pic

Free stuff- Moving out today (1141 Taylor Ave Dunedin Fl 34698) picmap

FREE PC Tower for SPC student with A+ Net+, MCP course to practice (Tarpon Springs (Pinellas County)) picmap

basket weaving materials

dell monitors (palm harbor)

Wall oven

Free Game Informers (Clearwater)

Folding Table (Palm Harbor)

Jalousie window panes (Clearwater)

CURB ALERT! Moving boxes - 2 wardrobe, glass pack, few others (Deer Run E Clearwater 33761)

Re free washer dryer combo (near skyway)

Oak Fire Wood Cut To Size (Safety Harbor)

Moving boxes/cardboard (Largo, FL)

FREE wood if you haul away (Close to countryside mall 33761) pic


Free Wall Mirror 4 feet X 6 feet! (Palm Harbor) picmap

single mattress an box spring (s st pete)

Fri May 24

Office supplies (Dunedin)

free chair (palm harbor) pic

Hot tub (Clearwater)

free boxes come get immediately (gulfport)


free childs bed/crib (st pete)

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Updated Craigslist Freebies in Clearwater and Pinellas! (2024)
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