Restaurant-Style Indian Keema Naan - Stuffed Lamb Bread Recipe | (2024)

Sharing with you, a famous variation of Restaurant-Style Indian Naan bread, stuffed with ground lamb meat, named Keema Naan. If you like Indian Chicken and Lamb curries, and have visited Indian restaurants, I'm sure you have seen or tasted Keema Naan, many times!

Often, Keema Naan is chef's signature recipe. Even though Naan dough remains the same for most kinds of naans, chefs have their special secret recipe for stuffing, called Keema i.e. ground lamb or goat cooked with aromatics and Indian spices.

Today, I'm making that recipe available to all of you! You will be surprised to learn that how simple and easy it is to cook Keema Naans at home!

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These days, I'm making sure to share some of the traditional Indian recipes, like Indian naan breads, to give you some taste of my culture and food I grew up eating. From many days, I was getting lot of requests for my Naan recipes. To keep everyone happy, I finally shared Butter Naan, a few weeks ago. Then everyone said,Garlic naan would have been better... So, I shared that too and told Vishal:Now I'm going to share so many naans that everyone will request me to stop it;)

Jokes aside... I'm really glad to unveil some of flavors of Traditional Indian Cuisine. I always feel that n my attempt to cook and share healthy recipes..... often........ traditional Indian comfort foods take a back seat. Keema Naan is one of such recipe! Now, I'm making sure to share, a little taste of traditional Indian Food, every week.

Speaking of which, I have to tell you, Indians are very good hosts specially when it comes to serving food and taking care of guests! Even though we don't have lavish outdoor grill or pool-side parties, but in all family and friends get-togethers, food and hospitality is in full swing. You will find 3-folds the amount of food that guest will actually eat. May sounds like a wastage, but this is how Indians roll! Idea is: NEVER have situation when guest asked something and your were not able to provide. Even though today's younger generation would want to limit the amount of food, elders will not allow it... saying "Athethie Bagwaan Hota Hai. Acche see khilaoo" - "Guest is like God, feed him well."

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Often, Indian, home-style parties have huge amount of leftovers. It's funny, when I came to States and Vishal had any guest coming over...... I cooked all day.... I mean, literally, ALL DAY! I would almost run to change and clean-up just 2 minutes before guests arrive. Since I have been cooking like crazy and have flour or other stuff all over my hands, dress, hair! (one messy cook;) Then, everyone will leave saying, You eat too much.! You feed too much!.

I used to think, I just served 4 course dinner with 2-3 items each. (hahaha) What's big deal?!

Even though, now, I'm learning to cook a little lesser for parties, I still find it hard to picture just 2-3 dishes for whole dinner. Per tradition, if I don't make 6-7 dishes for dinner, it feels like we not respected the guests enough. (I'm sure showing signs of getting old ;) )

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In Indian homes, Keema (Ground Lamb or Goat) Matar (Green Peas) is one such Lamb Curry that is often prepared for a lavish weekend dinner or for a family get-together. And it is always prepared in large quantity.

Most of the times, Keema Naan (Yeast Dough) or Keema Parntha (Plain Wheat Dough Flat Bread) are prepared to savor the leftover lamb keema.

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In case you wondering, why am I showing a smashed shallot onion in the pictures?! I'm sure you are wondering! Aren't you? Then, my friends, ask any North Indian Punjabi, this is how stuffed savory breads are enjoyed traditionally in North India, especially in Punjab. It's said, a smashed onion losses it's pungent taste and becomes much sweeter, and tastes scrumptious with stuffed naans.

I have listed butter and brushed on few naans for pictures. Traditionally, keema naans are accompanied with smashed onion and yogurt or cucumber raita. However, in restaurants they will always apply butter to keep naan moist. So, if you are serving naan a little later after cooking, do brush naan with salted butter. If serving right away, just serve as-is with some raita or fresh yogurt on the side.

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Keema naans are not just a delicious Dinner Bread. It is also a self-sufficient, meaty, savory, Sunday Breakfast or Brunch Bread. A nice wrapped package to indulge in a comforting breakfast which has protein, TON of flavor, and carbs. Devour and hibernate for rest of the day :)

PS: Homemade Naan is the best! It has no preservatives, all natural ingredients of your choice. Above all, this restaurant-style Indian Keema Naan will cost you, at-least $3 per bread less than your fav Indian restaurant's Keema Naan bread! and you will NOT find it in stores or elsewhere, for sure!

Let's head straight to the recipe :)

and don't forget to enjoy!

Have a great day!

Restaurant-Style Indian Keema Naan - Stuffed Lamb Bread Recipe | (2024)
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