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This Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe is SO EASY to make and looks great! AND IT TASTES AMAZING!

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Crock-Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe

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We have been giving this as gifts for friends and family, and everyone loves it! Friends and family keep asking for second and third containers because they like it so much.

This Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine is delicious alone, or you can mix it with co*ke, pour it over ice cream, or mix it with lemonade. There are so many great ways to enjoy this moonshine!

We love serving the Crock-Pot Cherry Moonshine over vanilla bean ice cream. A small dish is all you need for a decadent dessert!

Amazon has fantastic labels that work great to turn a mason jar into a gift. I loved these Avery Labels that you can customize before printing on them.

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Here is a quick overview of the simple ingredients needed to make an epic Cherry Pie Moonshine! The printable recipe card at the bottom of the post includes specific measurements and step-by-step instructions.

  • Cherries - We make this with canned dark cherries.
  • Sugar
  • Cherry Juice
  • Everclear or Vodka, depending on what you have

Equipment Needed

  • Kitchen Spoon/Stirring Utensil
  • Mason Jars, canning jars, or Other Sealed Storage Containers.

The size of jars is up to you. We tend to use quart jars. Just make sure the lids fit and seal. This cherry pie moonshine can easily be stored in a gallon or liter bottle.

How to Make CrockPot Cherry Moonshine Recipe

I've included complete instructions for cherry shine in the printable recipe card at the bottom of the post, but here's a quick version.

  1. Combine cherries, sugar, and tart cherry juice in the Crock Pot. Stir until combined.
  2. Cook on low until sugar dissolves.
  3. Allow to cool. Once cool pour in Everclear.
  4. Store in mason jars or sealed containers.

This recipe can be adapted to make in a large saucepan. The total time needed will change.

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Preparation and Storage

Make Ahead: This slow cooker recipe is one of our quicker ones, as it only takes one to two hours for the sugar to dissolve and the moonshine to be ready for serving.

Storage: Once opened, keep leftover Cherry Pie Moonshine refrigerated in an airtight storage container, such as a mason jar. Enjoy leftovers within three to six months.

We store our moonshine in a cool dark place to keep the taste fantastic.

Freezing/How to Freeze: You can keep leftovers in the fridge or freezer, depending on how you prefer to enjoy them.

Recipe Variations + Tips for the Best CrockPot Cherry Pie Moonshine


You can use Everclear Grain Alcohol or vodka, depending on what you have available.

White or brown sugar works equally well. Brown sugar is excellent if you prefer a warmer flavor to complement the cherry in this homemade moonshine.

We enjoy having the full cherries in the moonshine. You can use a potato masher to mash them.

Vegetarian + Vegan Option: This recipe should be vegan and vegetarian, as the only ingredients are canned cherries, sugar, cherry juice, and alcohol.

Gluten-Free: This recipe should also be safe for a gluten-free diet, as none of its ingredients typically contain gluten. However, check for a gluten-free label on the canned cherries and cherry juice if you are highly sensitive and want to avoid the possibility of cross-contamination.

Alcohol-Free Option: Replace the Everclear or vodka with an NA substitute to make this recipe non-alcoholic.

Smaller Serving Size + Larger Group/More Servings: This recipe is easy to scale to your desired serving size. It doubles and triples like a dream, though you may need to work in batches if you scale up, depending on the size of your slow cooker.

Sugar-Free: Use sugar-free canned cherries, cherry juice with no sugar added, and a sugar-free substitute for white sugar to make this Cherry Pie Moonshine sugar-free.

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When to serve Cherry Pie Moonshine

  • Christmas co*cktail
  • Holiday parties
  • Valentine's Day co*cktail
  • Happy Hour
  • As a holiday gift.
  • Over ice cream

What to Serve with Crock-Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine

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Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine

How to make Cherry Pie Moonshine in the crockpot

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Prep Time: 5 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours hours

Total Time: 2 hours hours 5 minutes minutes

Author: Tammilee Tips



  • Combine cherries, sugar and cherry juice in the crock pot, stir until combined

  • Cook on low for 1-2 hours until sugar dissolves

  • Allow to cool, once cool pour in everclear

  • Store in mason jars or sealed containers

Kitchen Tools

  • Slow cooker

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Recipe originally shared on April 20, 2015. Updated December 2020

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  1. Tonya Brant

    I am making this as a Christmas gift! How do you store it (pantry/refrigerator?) and how long does it keep? Thanks!


  2. Amy

    This recipe is my absolute favorite moonshine. I’ll share others I make but I keep this one every batch! Sooo yummy. I used Dole canned dark sweet cherries and Juicy Juice cherry juice. Easy to find ingredients and I use Everclear, not Vodka. I drink straight over ice. The alcohol isn’t overpowering even though I opt for the Everclear over Vodka.


  3. Cyndi

    Canned cherries or cherry pie filling?


  4. Viv

    I used tart cherry juice I couldn't find sweet and I also used Jared maraschino cherries because I couldn't find canned and I threw the whole jar in....juice and all... it was delicious if you want it sweeter just add more sugar


  5. Joan

    Not sure if the 2 cans are cherry pie filling and where can I get cherry juice?.


  6. Tia

    Do you have to seal them like you were canning them for shelving?


  7. Barbara

    Tart or sweet canned cherries?
    Can you use frozen ?
    Can I put the finished product in the freezer?
    Do you know of a way to not have to refrigerate it?


  8. Lisa F.

    Can't wait to make some! And I just happen to have a bottle of everclear! Quick question how should the jars be stored! At room temperature or in the refrigerator? And for how long is it good for? Not that I foresee it lasting to long but just out of curiosity? Thanks again!


    • Spaceycar

      Must be refrigerated.


  9. Jordan

    What proof of everclear is suggested for this?


    • Spaceyzcar

      Forget the Everclear just use vanilla flavored vodka. Made it that way and it was so good.


  10. Trisha

    I would like to try this recipe as I am a cherry lover, but I'm not sure if you are using tart or sweet cherries. Thanks for your help.


  11. Angela W.

    Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe - Tammilee Tips (10)
    How long will this keep at room temperature?


    • Spaceycar

      It must be refrigerated.


      • Mike

        How long does it have to store for before its ready to drink?


  12. Jennie

    Looks good, but please don't call it moonshine. It's not moonshine.


  13. Wanda Clausen

    Where do I find canned cherries and cherry juice. Is it cherry pie filling? I want to make this for camping with friends.


    • Tammilee

      I found cherry juice in the juice section of our local Safeway. The cherries work great from pie filling cherries. I hope this helps! Have fun camping.


    • Lynn

      I don't think is pie filling. The canned cherries should be with the other canned fruit. Although I've never liked, the cherry juice might be in the juice isle.


  14. Kelly Hutchinson

    Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe - Tammilee Tips (11)
    This sounds like something that is right up my alley! I think it would be great over vanilla bean ice ream!


  15. Amy Desrosiers

    Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe - Tammilee Tips (12)
    My husband is really into boozy fruit dishes. I bet this is awesome on ice cream or pound cake!


  16. diane

    This looks heavenly! Might have to try something like this for a fathers day treat!


  17. Andrew

    Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe - Tammilee Tips (13)
    Wow, this sounds delicious! You had me at Vodka! #delish #nomnomnom #yum!


  18. Jenna Wood

    Crock Pot Cherry Pie Moonshine Recipe - Tammilee Tips (14)
    Yummy, I'd love to try this over ice cream or with a co*ke! I've never really considered distilling my own spirits, or canning them but this sounds like a great gift fr the holidays.


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